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Grab Manufacturing and Repairing

We undertake dredging activities to keep waterways navigable. Our dredgers are well equipped to deepen the harbors, ports or any kind of waterway so as to make large ships accessible. The process of dredging creates excess materials which are transported by our dredgers effectively from the dredging area. Both trailer suction hopper dredgers and cutter suction dredgers are used by us.

We have a team of highly efficient and experienced personnel who are involved in the dredging process.

We have unmatched expertise in the field of beach nourishment and reclamation. For complete dredging activity we are equipped with the following machineries.
  • Dredgers (Trailer suction hopper dredgers and cutter   suction dredgers)
  • Backhoe dredgers
  • Water injection dredgers

We put special emphasis on eco-dredging and innovate means to be in full compliance with environmental standards.
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