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Ship Building / Ship Repairs
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Ship Building And Ship Repairing

Ship Building

We can undertake any type of Ship building activities. We are adept in building offshore platform vessels, car carrier and dump barges, Tugs; self propelled barges, pilot launch, police launch, Navy Vessels, Speed craft, Passenger vessels, Passenger barges etc.We have fully equipped shipbuilding workshops with high precision cutting machines and welding processes. In addition we have a team of technically sound personnel who can undertake all types of vessel building activities. For repair at ports and on seas we have a 170 meters long afloat repair jetty.

The specifications of our building capacity and other such details has been mentioned below :
  • Capacity of the shipyard :10,000DWT
  • Length of the vessel can be built:100*25 meters
  • Draft at our site:10 meters
  • Draft of the vessel we can take on Shipyard for repair:4 meters
  • Distance between shipyard and breakwater:1.5Kms
  • Distance between breakwater and 10 meters draft:2Kms

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