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Ship Building / Ship Repairs
Grab Hiring
Grab Manufacturing and Repairing

Grab Manufacturing and Repairing

We manufacture and supply the following grabs:
  • Clamshell Electro hydraulic grab with 2 Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Clamshell Electro hydraulic Grab with 4 hydraulic cylinders
  • Wireless Radio remote control grab
  • Single rope mechanical grab with touch down open
  • Orange peel grab from 9 cbm to 2cbm
  • Timber log grab from 2 square meter to 4 square meter
  • Poclain attached grab from 5cbm to 2cbm

Electro hydraulic clamshell Grab:

These grabs have the following technical specifications:
  • Type: Electro hydraulic clamshell 4 cylinder grabs
  • Capacity:12/10/8/6.5/5 cbm
  • Wt of empty grab: 8.5 tons
  • Steel used: IS 2062 Grab B
  • Cutting edges: IS 2062 Hardened
  • Pins and bushes: EN 8 Steel and Phosphor Bronze bushes
  • Pump: Sweden make axial piston pump
  • Control block: Integrated block Buchholz Hydraulic Germany
  • Hoist Cylinder: Germany Imported tube and seals with indigenous assembling
  • Drive electric motor: 37/45Kw/440v, 60 Hz, 125amps Crompton/Kirlosker
  • Working cycle: Theoretical opening time 17seconds
    Theoretical closing time 22 seconds
  • Working Pressure: Opening pressure 140 bar
    Closing Pressure 220bar
  • Grab dimensions: Grab Open width: 3900mm
    Grab Shell Side width: 3000mm
  • Grab open height: 3250mm
  • Grab closed height:4000mm
  • Grab bucket closed width: 3450 mm
  • Test Certificate: Test certificate will be given alongwith the grab
  • Power Required:440V, 3phase, 60/50Hz, 45Kw, 125 Amps current for Earth grab

Clamshell Single rope mechanical grab:
These grabs have the following technical specifications:
  • Type: Clamshell Single rope Mechanical grab Touch down open
  • Capacity:12/8/cbm
  • Death weight of grab: 8.5tons
  • Height closed:4.485mm
  • Height open: 4.030mm
  • Length closed: 2.930mm
  • Length open: 4.300m
  • Load test certificate: handed over with the grab
  • Pins: EN8
  • Bushes: Phosphor bronze
  • Theoretical timings: With cargo openings 6 seconds, closing 17 seconds

Wireless remote control clamshells grab:
These grabs have the following technical specifications:
  • Type: Wireless Remote control Clamshell grab
  • Capacity: 12/10/8/6.5/5cbm
  • Self weight of the grab:8/8.5
  • Clamshell material:M.S 2062 Grade B tested Plate
  • Pins and bushes:EN8 Bushes Phosphor bronze
  • Hydraulic cylinder: 180*90*1250
  • Control valve: Japan or Bosch Germany
  • Battery:12 Volt Dc
  • Grab working Cycle: opening time 24 seconds
    Closing time 8 seconds
  • Size of wire rope:Steel wire rope 32mm Dia
  • Oil Type and capacity: Castrol 46 capacity 100 liters
  • Grab dimensions: Grab closed height: 8600mm
  • Grab in closed height: 9600mm
  • Grab in closed width:3160mm
  • Grab in open width:3690mm
  • Grab side width: 3500 mm

Orange peel Electro Hydraulic Grab:
These grabs have the following specifications:
  • Type:orange peel grab ,Orange peel grab
  • Capacity: 5CBM,8CBM
  • Wt of empty Grab: 6 tons,8tons
  • Steel:I.S 2062 Grade B,I.S 2062 Grade B
  • Bushes: Phosphor bronze,Phosphor bronze
  • Electric motor :Kirlosker 3phase, 44oVolt Kirlosker 3 phase, 440Volt
      50/60 Hz, 125 Amps 50,60Hz, 125Amps
  • Pump:VOAC/parker axial piston VOAC/Parker Axial piston
      Pump Sweden make Pump Sweden make
  • Control block: Buchholz Hydraulic, Germany
  • Hydraulic cylinders: Imported tube rod and seal
  • Working pressure:Closing 250 BAR CLOSING 250 BAR
  • Cycles; closing 15 seconds closing 15 seconds Opening 10 seconds opening 10 seconds

Timber electro hydraulic grab:
These grabs have the following specifications:
  • Type: Timber electro hydraulic grab
  • Capacity: 2 meter square
  • Dead weight: 4.4tons
  • Lifting capacity: 15tons
  • Steel used: IS2062
  • Pins and bushes: EN8 and phosphor bronze
  • Motor:Crompton greaves 37kw, 440V, 50/60Hz
  • Pump: piston pump imported Sweden
  • Control Block: Rexroth/Buchholz
  • Hoist Cylinder: Indigenous with imported tube and seals
  • Working Pressure: Opening 140 bar: Closing 200 bar
  • Timber trunk length: Can handle logs upto 3mts to 15mts length
  • Hyd Oil Tk capacity: Hyd 68-200 ltrs
  • Panel board: Provided with necessary breakers, limitswitch, And 40 mts of cable with pendent switch
  • Size of grab: Grab width: 2200mm
    Grab closed width: 1930mm
    Grab closed inside diameter: 1260mm
    Grab open width; 3600mm
    Grab ht in closed position 3750mm
    Grab ht in open position: 2550mm
    Grab width in open position 3630mm

We also undertake repairing of grabs to render them flawless in operation, loading and discharging of constituents.


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